14 Months Ago


Today, 14 months ago, my life changed completely.  We sat down at a small table in a crowded coffee shop off Western Center Boulevard in Fort Worth, Texas, the morning of Friday, May 5th.  She was wearing glasses and a short, summer dress – sexy as hell.  She was drinking one of those strange iced teas that tasted like anything but tea.  I had water.  We began talking – getting to know each other.  We talked about our kids, our failed or failing marriages, politics, hobbies, etc.  She was absolutely striking!  Beautiful – yes – but so incredibly authentic!  I had not been around a woman like her in years.  I wanted her.  We agreed to meet later that evening for dinner.  The evening turned into night.  Night turned into morning.

As I laid there next to her, the sun creeping around the edges of the blackout shades, a voice inside my head began telling me to run – to get away.  “This is not going to end well!  She will not love you.  This was a mistake.  End this now!”, they said.  But she looked so calm and peaceful while she slept – so beautiful.  Stirring slightly, she reached for me and wrapped her arms around my torso.  “Hi baby”, she whispered, as she smiled up at me.  “Hi” I said, trying to hold back the tidal wave of emotion crashing over my heart.  I couldn’t stand it any longer and it must have shown because she asked me what was wrong.  “Look – I know it’s asking a lot but would you be able to meet for dinner this evening?”  The voices in my head sighed collectively.  “Probably so”, she said as she kept smiling.  “I’ll have to double check.  I can’t make any promises right now.”

We met for dinner that evening – and we have not been apart since.  She is the love of my life.  She is my soul’s mate.  She breathed life into the lifeless in a coffee shop in Fort Worth – 14 months ago.

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