The Encounter

IMG956170 (1).jpg

She approached me where I lay weary from my battles and extended her hand.  I looked up and my soul was instantly reborn.  Never had I encountered such a being!  I knew instantly I would stand in the fires of a thousand hells would it please her.  I would spend eternity in Tartarus would it bring a smile to her lips.  There is no humiliation, no defeat, no ignominy I would refuse to suffer for her sake.  But she asked none of this of me as she stood there, reaching for me, her gaze piercing my heart.

“Please!” I begged.  “What war would you have me fight?!?  What enemy would you have me vanquish?!?  What trials must I complete?  Tell me, angel, so that I may prove myself worthy of you!”

Silence – her beauty was overwhelming as she smiled sadly.

“What then?  I must have you!  What must I do?  Please tell me!”

She knelt beside me in the heat and dust, placed her hand on my weathered cheek, and whispered, “Let go.  Choose our love over your pain.  Take my hand and walk beside me.  Accept.  Forgive.  And leave your fears and doubts here on this road.  There is no place for them where we are going.”

Her touch overwhelmed me and her request shook me to my core.  I could scarcely speak as my eyes filled with tears.  “But I’ve carried these for so long – so long.  This pain is a part of me.  These doubts and fears are my life.  This is who I am.”

Sadness filled her eyes.  She slowly rose to her feet.  I felt both fear and shame and I looked away.

She said but one word as she reached out her hand.  “Please.”

Something in her voice caused me to look up.  Our eyes met and instantly I knew she was not making this request for her sake, but for mine.  Her eyes were filled with tears – with love.



I reached for her.

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