NOrmal - Hand Fixed

I could go on and on about her powerful mind, sharp wit, and her compassion for others.  Those are all things I absolutely love about her very much. But there are other things that are extremely powerful about this woman – things that stirs a very deep, primal response within me:

The way her skin tastes
Her devastatingly gorgeous eyes
Her smile
Her laugh
The way she traces her fingertips along my body
The way she wraps her leg over mine when she lies next to me
The feel of her breasts pressed against my back as she pulls me close
The way she looks at me – directly, longingly, beautifully
How she reaches for me in the middle of the night
The way the tips of our tongues dance together when we kiss
Her scent – irresistible
The softness of her lips
The heat from her torso as she nurtures and sustains me
Her brown skin against our white sheets
The way she moves
The sound of her voice
The way she digs her nails into my flesh
Her insatiable hunger
The way she holds my hand
The stunning curves of her insanely beautiful body
Her strong and deep femininity – a true woman
The way she loves me
Her completely uninhibited passion
Her wild, authentic heart

Primal.  Powerful.  Beautiful.  I cannot resist.  I will accept no substitutes.  I must have HER!

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