You won’t love her.  You will only take from her and leave her with NOTHING but an empty soul.  Look what you did to Kathleen!!!!  You will end up doing the same thing to her.  Is that what you want?  You will destroy her.  You’re selfish and very hard to live with.  You think you know everything and you damn sure won’t listen to her.  Just leave her the fuck alone.  She deserves so much better than you.  Besides – who the fuck do you think you are thinking you could have someone as pretty, kind, and as smart as she is?  Fucking idiot.  You’re incapable of loving anyone – much less her!

You won’t love him.  You’ll only use him and then start looking for the next great thing.  You’re completely broken inside.  Look what you’ve done to Jeff and to your family!  You destroyed your marriage and your home!  Besides – what will people think?  I know you say you don’t care about what others think but we both know better!  What about your kids?!?  Think about them!  How will you explain this to them?  What about your friends – all those friends of yours AND Jeff’s?  You will end up alone, friendless, destitute, and they are going to take your kids away from you!  And you want to come and lay all this shit at HIS feet?  Fucking idiot.  You’re incapable of loving anyone – much less him!

“I love you.”

“I love you, too”

“I’m flawed.  I’ve been through some shit… done some shit.  I will make mistakes.”

“Me too.”

“I’m not perfect.”

“You’re perfect for me.”

“I love you.  My last breath in this life will be used to speak your name.”

“I love you, too, and I will never EVER leave your side.”

When you walk through hell, the whispers of the devils you encounter along the way can ring in your head for eternity.  You can choose to listen to those whispers – or you can listen to your heart.  I chose to listen to my heart.  I chose her over my pain.


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