She is Mine


She’s a total badass!  Strong, smart, sexy as fuck, and with a fiery spirit and loving soul – a true gift to the universe.  She has broken more than her share of hearts, to be sure!  But they were boys – all boys.  You can’t be a boy, or weak and ineffectual, and handle a woman like her.  She will break you – unintentionally, of course, but she will break you none the less.  It’s not her fault.  There is no blame to be found with her.  You don’t blame water for being wet!  This is simply a real woman and you had better be a strong man if you want to be with her.  She’s not some shiny, sparkly model, or some silly little child, or a country club, vodka-and-soda-guzzling trophy wife.  Authentic sensuality oozes from her pores born from her genuine lust for life.  She is multi-faceted, multi-layered, and multi-talented.  She has no use for drama, no time for fools, and no desire or inclination to explain herself or her actions to people who are going to judge her anyway.  Insanely beautiful and wildly passionate, with a brilliant mind and iron will, she is a force to be reckoned with.  And she is mine.

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