Grand Cayman


Candlelight dances around the room to the endless, resonate music of the ocean waves.  I look down and notice that the white bed linens are a crisp contrast to the pale, yellow-orange glow.  Amy is asleep and every inch of her amazing body is beautifully tan from the island sun.  My pulse quickens as my eyes longingly trace the outline of this angel lying before me.  Her scent fills the air and combines with the ocean breeze to form an intoxicating aphrodisiac.  I have never felt so alive, so deeply connected to another living thing.  It is as though I am truly awake for the first time in my life.  I sit next to her as she sleeps, and I instinctively adopting a protective posture.  It’s just how I’m wired.  Amy is safe, calm, and relaxed.  No harm shall come to her while she is in my presence.  Hours pass.  Eventually the sun’s rays begin their race across the water, chasing away the darkness and leaving warmth and life in their wake.  Morning has come to the island.  I reach for her and run my fingers gently through her hair.  She stirs and smiles, her eyes still closed.  I lean down and softly kiss her cheek and her lips.  She slips her arms around me and pulls me down into her.  Her eyes open and my heart is instantly pierced by the amazing love I see in them.  We embrace.  Her lips caress my cheek and neck with gentle kisses as she pulls me closer and whispers, “good morning, baby”.  All of creation ceases to exist, save us.  Our hearts beat as one and our bodies become as intertwined as our souls such that I can no longer tell where hers begins and mine ends.  I give myself over to her completely and savor the moment.  The morning passes.  The fullness of the day reveals itself.  I am made whole again.

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