In this moment…


The cool pacific breeze; the salt water spray on her skin; her body, kissed by the sun, resting on the bow of the boat as we sail across the deep blue and the evening wanes;  these are but a few of the glimpses of heaven I am witnessing on this journey.  I am spellbound.  I take note of her every movement – savoring each one as her body rocks gently in time with ocean below us.  I can’t take my eyes off her.  I can’t take my heart from her.  The rhythm of the waves courses through me bringing a desire I have never known to the surface of my soul.  I am unable to move.  I can only watch.  She smiles at me, knowing she is the center of my attention – of my world.  She slides across the bow, pulling me into her, and I feel the softness of her lips pressing ever so lightly against mine.  I feel the heat of her touch as her hands explore my body, not in a sexual way but more like someone reassuring herself that I am here, fully present, and fully hers.  She reaches out her hand and removes my sunglasses.  Lifting her own sunglasses, our eyes meet and time stops.  It is in this moment we both feel the breadth and depth of our union.  It is in this moment we realize the transcendent nature of our lives.  It is in this moment that a piece of my soul will remain forever, sustained by the warmth and nourishment her light provides.  In this moment, we are one.

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