Intensely Female


She is so utterly female!  I wouldn’t describe her as necessarily feminine though she is very beautiful and possesses feminine qualities.  But rather, she is intensely female in a very primal sense.  Her body is soft, very sensual, womanly.  She prefers a submissive role during times of intimacy.  She spends so much of her day leading, making decisions, driving things forward, and taking care of everyone but herself.  So much so that in those rare moments when we can relax and be together, she wants to let go – completely.  She relinquishes all control of her mind and body to me, emptying herself, so that she may be restored.  The level of trust required in all of this is enormous and while I naturally gravitate toward the dominant role, I absolutely adore, worship, and respect this woman.  She is both my handmaiden and my queen, my woman, my very heart.  But I will always be what she needs, when she needs it, and when she needs me to step forward and take control, I will always be her sir.

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