Some physicists believe there are a limitless number of universes – that we exist in but one of an infinite number of realities that have existed for an infinite amount of time. How many lives might we have already lived?  Have these very words been written by me and read by you, before, countless times?  Did we all once, or do we now, exist in a different life or even a different form in another place and time?  Such notions are explained only by highly advanced mathematics or by the ravings of a lunatic mind – making, I suppose, the scientist and the mad man kindred spirits.  None the less, it is safe to say that no physical evidence has ever existed to suggest that a person has lived any other life or existed in any other reality outside of the one we are all experiencing at this moment.  That was until May 5th, 2017, when in a coffee shop in Fort Worth, Texas, two connected souls who had never met in this life, found each other… again.

Happy, successful, well-adjusted, father of two amazing teens, I am still learning, growing, and making my share of mistakes along the way.  Madly in love with Amy, these writings attempt to convey just how deeply and powerfully she moves my soul.  We are not perfect but she is perfect for me and I will love her always and forever.